Thoughts on a New Direction

Hi All!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

I wish I could just say that summer is here, and I’m off gadding about, soaking up the summer sun at the beach, playing in the sprinkler and just chilling out….and that’s why I haven’t been here at W&M.

Although I am enjoying summer so far, it’s not what’s keeping me from being here at W&M.

To be honest with y’all I’ve been having a little falling out with all things social media and techy right now.  I thought it might just be a short phase I was going through, but I have the feeling it’s going to last a little longer than I anticipated.

I’m really wrestling with the role technology plays in my everyday life and how/if it impacts my relationships with those I adore the most.  I know there is no point in lamenting technology and seeking to revert to a time when things were “simpler” and “slower”.  I use it, I see the value in it, I am just needing to figure out how to use it in a way that adds value to my experiences and those I interact with every day.  I want to use it, I don’t want to feel used by it. Know what I mean?

I’m not shutting down W&M, I just want to take some time to rethink it.  To step away for a little while and reassess.    I know things are changing in Blogland, that blogs are becoming less a place of community and more a place to store content.  Which is fine, I’m not opposed to that…..I’m just wanting to think long and hard about the content here at W&M and if it adds value to all the content that is out there already.  I know I don’t see the value in adding one more collage of “20 Most Pinnable Projects that You’ll Never Have Time To Do”, to the Blogoverse.  That’s just not what I want to provide here.  So…..if that’s all I have to give, then I don’t see me coming back….BUT, if there’s more; if after a respite and some space to really think, I can find a way for W&M to be more than that….I will be back, with bells on, well, you know, not literally.

Things change, they evolve and at the pace technology advances, I suspect blogging and content sharing/storage will try to keep up and morph along the way.  Until I figure out how I want to morph along with it, you can find me at my Instagram feed. IG seems to be the one social media platform that really encourages community right now.  So, out of all of them, that’s where I am more frequently than others.

I just wanted to let you know where my head is these days instead of leaving you with a random post about buying a sewing machine off of Craigslist!

In the meantime, Keep Sewing Awesomeness!




5 Things To Be When Buying From Craigslist


I recently purchased a sewing machine off of Craigslist.  Not your average, low end sewing machine, but a solid, Janome 1600P straight stitch, high-speed sewing machine.  The lessons I learned can be applied to buying a machine or just about anything else on Craigslist.

1. Be Patient:

Know what you want, be specific and don’t cave.  Go in knowing exactly what you want, don’t settle for something else just because you think it’s a good deal.  It’s a sure fire way to end up with buyer’s remorse.  The key is to stick it out.  Check the site everyday.  Eventually, you will find what you’re looking for. I made a list of my top three machines and a price range I was willing to purchase at.  I passed up many listings for machines on my top three list because they were out of that price range. I was so tempted to give in a couple of times and even sent a few emails, but in the end, I decided to stick to my plan and wait.  As. Long. As. It. Took.  I knew if I did, then I would be able to enjoy number 5 on the list!   Continue reading

Triangle Quilting

I just got back into town after a long weekend in NYC with my mom to celebrate her 70th Birthday! We had the most amazing time! It was such a special time and we only did the things we really wanted to do, like climb up to the crown of the Statue of Liberty and walk over the Brooklyn Bridge. We did some other things that we had been wanting to do, but the rest of the time we walked around the city, stopping to shop and eat where we wanted, and just enjoying the city and our time together.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m one of the lucky ones who has a really good relationship with their mom, it helps that she’s so awesome.  I know not everyone has what I do, so I’m very clear about what a blessing it is!

I left for the city with a bunch of WIP, and I need to post the top of my triangle quilt before the week has passed by.   Getting back into the swing of things always takes me a few days, but I’m pushing myself to get back at the sewing machine and start back on all those projects I have going!

The top is finished, and I need to start going on the back and making some binding!  I’m getting there!  Laundry first, my kids need some clean clothes, meals, and school…..then quilting!


I hope y’all are enjoying your Easter/Spring Break and enjoying the warmer weather and longer days!
And you know I’m hoping you’re Sewing Awesomeness!






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